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Nanofictionary Blanks

Looney Labs

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The card game of telling tiny stories is all about making up your own fun what could be better than creating your own custom cards to add into the mix? Nanofictionary was even designed to accommodate such creativity…the game was deliberately illustrated with simple, black and white line drawings so that they’d combine nicely with homemade cards and hand-doodled illustrations. Now, with these blanks and a permanent marker, you can let your imagination go wild! Each pack contains three Characters, Settings, Problems, and Resolutions cards each.

Key Features :

An expansion for Nanofictionary--not a standalone game.Students can demonstrate their comprehension of their reading material by creating appropriate story element cards.Have fun including familiar people and settings in your story mix!Nanofictionary card art is intentionally black and white line drawing so that student art will blend in well.