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Looney Labs

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Tell your own tiny story by collecting all the elements of a complete story--Characters, Settings, Problems, and Resolutions. Builds comprehension for fictional reading and public speaking skills. Cards can also be randomly distributed to students as creative writing prompts. For 3-6 players, ages 8 and up. Game Play Nanofictionary is a story-telling game in three rounds. In the first phase, everyone builds a collection of story elements, featuring at least one of each type. Next, players take turns telling a brief story based on the ideas in the set of cards they selected. Lastly, everyone votes for the story they liked best (besides their own). Whoever gets the most votes wins!

Key Features :

Helps students avoid writing block by providing starter ideas to build on.Encourages development of engaging speaking skills.Brings home the idea that a story is incomplete without all four story elements.Nano = tiny, Fiction = story--these stories are meant to be short!