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Medium Utility Hooks Multi-Pack, 6 Per Pack, 3 Packs


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Life is easier when everything has its place. Organize your home damage free with Command Utility Hooks. Command Hooks let you hang what you want, where you want, without the hassle of tools and nails. Command Strips hold strongly on a variety of smooth, finished surfaces, and these adhesive hooks remove cleanly with no sticky residue or damage left behind. Now you can organize your home or office just the way you want with Command Utility Hooks. Each hook holds up to 3 lbs. Each pack includes 6 hooks and 12 adhesive strips. Sold as 3 packs for a total of 18 hooks.

Key Features :

i : HOLDS UP TO 3 POUNDS: Sold as 3 packs, each package of the Command Medium Utility Hooks includes 6 wall hooks and 12 adhesive strips; each adhesive wall hook can hold up to three poundsii : DAMAGE FREE HANGING: Wall hooks work without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue on a variety of surfaces and remove cleanly when you want to redecorate or reorganize your spaceiii : NO TOOLS REQUIRED: Hang clipboards, brushes, dog leashes, kitchen utensils, and accessories where you want without nails or a hammeriv : WORKS ON A VARIETY OF SMOOTH SURFACES: Wall hooks work on a variety of smooth surfaces, including painted walls, finished wood, painted concrete cinder blocks, laminate and tiles