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MAXAFE® Sitsolution 65cm Ball with Stability Legs

Champion Sports

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The Champion Sports 65 cm Maxafe SitSolution Ball With Stability Legs is designed to promote good posture and build core strength and stability by using your abdominal muscles to balance while sitting at home or the office. This exercise ball is equipped with three legs to prevent the ball from rolling, allowing you to work your core while minimizing the risk for injury. Made with Flexton Silpower material, this exercise ball chair will deflate slowly if damaged. This ball is recommended for people 5'7" to 6'1" tall.

Key Features :

i : The Champion Sports Maxafe® Sitsolution Ball is the best on the market and is made with top of the line materials
ii : This Sitsolution Ball is a healthy and effective alternative to a traditional chair, promoting good posture and core strength
iii : Constructed with Flexton Silpower® exclusive material, this ball is guaranteed to deflate slowly if accidentally punctured
iv : Stability legs prevent the ball from rolling away during use