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Math Fact Oh Money Game

Learning Advantage

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A great alternative to flash cards, math-fact-oh!™ builds and reinforces basic math skills while improving memory and concentration! For every solution card there are three corresponding equation cards that compose a triangle called a 'math-fact-oh!™' Players compete to be the first to create the math-fact-oh!™ sets by locating the problem cards that match their solution cards. Includes 72 cards organized into three levels/sets of problems involving money. math-fact-oh!™ is a fun motivational activity for improving memory and concentration while practicing basic math facts. Opportunities for explaining and questioning solutions are an integral part of gameplay. Additionally, math-fact-oh!™ includes combining shapes to compose new shapes, developing geometry skills. Contents include 8 solution cards, 72 problem cards (24 per level), 9 game changer cards (3 per level), instructions.

Key Features :

Included "Game Changer" cards increase the challenge and fun!Provides varied levels of gameplay, offering coherence across grade levels and across money concepts.Increases opportunities for mathematical conversations that verbalize thinking and explain solutions to money problems.Increases student engagement and interaction.Provides timely feedback for correction of errors, or for confirmation of coin values and problem solving with money.Offers suggestions for individual and small group activities to both support and extend understanding of money concepts.