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MASTERBOX Panels Cold Colors Recycled, 388 Pieces


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Made with 100% recycled plastic, Geomag MASTERBOX Cold Colors Panels 388 pieces uses powerful magnetic rods, steel spheres and panels, allowing children to create unlimited structures. Panels provide a way to create rigidity in every structure thus allowing taller and larger structure to be built. Great introduction to STEM activities. Designed to help stimulate children's creativity by allowing for expanded play possibilities and promotes hands-on learning by offering a creative approach to problem-solving. Helps in the development of fine motor skills with endless construction possibilities.

Key Features :

i : 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC: GEOMAG's magnetic building toys for kids are the industry leader of magnetic building play for kids and adults. Every magnetic building set includes a wide array of colorful magnetic sticks, panels and balls made from recycled plastic.
ii : KIDS LEARN THROUGH OPEN-ENDED CREATIVE PLAY: Geomag STEM and STEAM building toys are kid magnets! Whether our building games are magnets for toddlers or educational toys for 8 year-olds, these magnetic sticks, panels and balls offer fun for all ages.
iii : COLORFUL MAGNETS CLICK INTO ENDLESS COMBINATIONS: Play allows kids and adults to create and learn together! Geomag easy, interlocking magnetic building games are educational toys that teach STEM concepts of magnetism, geometry, gravity, and engineering.
iv : SUSTAINABLE & SWISS MADE: These magnet building sets are Swiss toy innovation at its finest. Invest in superior quality and design to ensure years of educational building fun. Super strong positive and negative magnets in each colored magnetic rod core.
v : MAGNET TOYS GIFT SET: This eco-friendly educational toy set is a 388 Piece Set of magnetic sticks/rods, panels - made using 100% recycled plastic and includes a portable storage box and instruction booklet