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Make a Splash™120 Mat Floor Game

Learning Resources

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Dive into number concepts through 120! Learn about place value and practice addition and subtraction using number patterns on the grid. Perfect for helping children focus on important 1st grade concepts. Includes a 120 mat and 3 inflatable cubes (2 number cubes with digits 0—9 to create 1- and 2-digit numbers; 1 cube with +10, -10, +1, -1). Also includes 64 square colored frames and 4 t-shaped pieces that highlight ten more/less and one more/less. Also includes 64 square cards to cover numbers and Activity Guide featuring CCSS-based activities. Mat measures 48" x 56". Grades 1+/Ages 6+

Key Features :

i : Durable floor mat gets kids up and active as they learn about numbers
ii : Jumbo inflatable number cubes are fun for kids to toss—yet quiet for classroom use
iii : Great for ages 6 and up
iv : Mat measures 48" x 56"