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Magnetic Rainbow Recorders, Set of 4

Junior Learning®

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Rainbow Recorders record up to 1 minute of sound, have a write and wipe surface, a magnetic face and base and can be personalized with a photo. Have fun creating games while learning a variety of speaking and listening skills. Ages 4+. Set of 4.

Key Features :

i : Remembering - the rainbow recorder can be used to write down or record reminders.
ii : Gift Giving - record a message and give it to someone as a gift. They can listen to the message anytime they want over and over.
iii : Speaking and Listening - use rainbow recorders to support speaking and listening skills. Record sounds, words, nursery rhymes or fair tales for children to listen to and repeat.
iv : Talking Treasure Hunt - record clues for children to find the next rainbow recorder. A great way to create indoor or outdoor fun!
v : Quiz - use Rainbow Recorders to have a quiz with your friends! Record a buzzer sound so you can buzz in with your answers.