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Magnetic Mix or Match® Farm Animals

Popular Playthings

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What do you get when you mix a horse, a cow, a dog, and a sheep together? Answer ... four new species you won't find at your local zoo or on your next African Safari! Of course you can also assemble them as nature intended, by matching colors or visual memory. Either way you end up with four adorable creatures to amuse your family and friends. That's the "fun factor" of Mix or Match Animals!

Key Features :

i : MAGNETIC TOYS: Put together a fun animal puzzle when you match the pieces by color or build something funny to create a silly mix like a cow-dog or sheep-horse!
ii : SAFE MAGNETS: Our magnetic locking system makes assembly a snap and our durable, safe pieces are designed to last through years of play and won’t crack or expose the magnets.
iii : ACTION FIGURES YOU MAKE: Have your own zoo or create your own farm with this cool magnetic toy set. Includes 12 pieces (sheep, dog, cow, horse) to create dozens of possibilities!
iv : FOR LITTLE HANDS: Large pieces are safe for little ones, and putting them together is great fun for children ages 2 years & older. Combine them like a 3D puzzle to make the ultimate crazy animal!
v : LEARN & PLAY: Popular Playthings provides educational, award-winning STEM toys that encourage learning, creativity, social interaction, and imaginative fun for boys and girls.