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Magicube™ Math Building Set, Recycled, 55 Pieces


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Watch your toddler learn and begin to understand numbers, symbols and build their first mathematical equations. Children will also have the ability to build different shapes, color combinations and 3D structures using Geomag Magicube Math Building 55 pieces that are uniquely designed to connect on all sides and made with 100% recycled plastic. This set contains 10 magnetic blocks and 45 non-magnetic clips. authenticated, Magicubes help in the development of creativity, fine motor skills in addition to stimulating imaginative play and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction. Includes 10 magnetic blocks in green, blue, red and yellow, and 45 magiclips (not magnetic) that stick to the magnetic Magicube.

Key Features :

i : Offer a fun approach to early learning activities
ii : Allow children to gain fluency in basic math skills
iii : Encourage kids to look for solutions using a hands on approach to learning
iv : authenticated toy encourages problem-solving
v : Durable and easy to clean
vi : Made with 100% recycled plastic