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Kaleidoscope Magnets, Small, Box of 8


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Don't be deceived by the size of these compact magnets. Kaleidoscope Magnets are small but strong. These smaller sized pin-shaped magnets are made from durable plastic. Each magnetic pin is 3/4" long. The round magnet in the end makes them useful for pinning papers to any metallic surface. Use them in the classroom for hanging paintings, drawings, schedules and memos. They are handy at home for putting your kid's drawings and report cards to the refrigerator to be viewed with pride. In the office they're great for hanging memos and notes. Dress up your locker or cubicle. Magnetic pins come in an assortment of cheerful colors including orange, red, blue and green. Each pack includes 8 magnets

Key Features :

i : Small but strong magnets
ii : Assorted translucent colors
iii : Holds up to 5 sheet of paper
iv : Magnetic pins hold to any metallic surface
v : Box of 8
vi : Size: 3/4"