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Jr. Daydreamer™ KinderMat®


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KinderMats Jr. Daydreamer rest mat is great if you are looking for a little more cushion for your kids. 44" x 19" and 2" thick. Made in Minnesota. Blue on one side, teal on the other, makes it easy to assign a side to put on the floor and a side to lay on. The tough 9 mil vinyl is water resistant and easy to clean as well as disinfect, simply wipe with warm soapy water. This mat is the perfect option for school, daycare, or home. Easy to store in a cubby or on the go with the tri-fold four section measuring to 8" x 11" x 19". An added touch to this mat, the gray binding provides extra strength and durability on the edges.

Key Features :

i : Measures 19” x 44” and 2 Inches Thick
ii : Tough 9-Mil Vinyl Covering with Gray Binding
iii : Blue/ Teal Color Combination
iv : Four Sections, With a Tri-Fold to 11" x 19"