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It Cant Be Wrong The Bill Of Rights


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As the first tulips sprung from the ground in March of 1789, the First congress of the United States assembled and began to realize a set of Amendments to the Constitution. In this book, kids will sweat through another summer-powdered wigs as they watch the delegates practice their art of cooperative statesmanship and compromise. They'll be there in September as Congress proposes their Amendments to the states. Two years later, in mid-December, kids will hip-hip-hooray with joy when the States give all U.S. citizens an early Christmas present - as they ratify the Bill of Rights.

Key Features :

Presents the story of the Declaration of IndependenceMany details about the writers of our Declaration of IndependenceReproducible activities and games to engage students studying our founding and the Declaration of IndependenceMany little known details about how the Bill of Rights was finalized