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Isotta Discovery Car

Quercetti Usa Llc

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Isotta is a truly surprising see-through car that will make you live wonderful adventures. Nine large pre-assembled pieces must be fitted in the right order on the car-frame and then just put the car on the floor and drag it by hand. It will be exciting to watch how the pistons and gears move as well as see what happens if you decide to change gears or even how the differential works! Cars are easily explained now with your Isotta. Only high quality shatterproof and non-toxic materials are used to guarantee resistance and maximum safety when playing.

Key Features :

Transparent car to be assembledMade up of 9 large pieces to be assembled in the right sequence on the framework, and then to put into motion.The transparent car body allows you to see how the pistons, rods and cogs work, or to see what happens when you change gear!It allows you to understand the basic principles of the car... a real car will no longer hold any secrets for you!Safely Made in Italy