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Grotto Grip®, Pencil Grips, 3 Per Pack, 3 Packs

Pathways For Learning

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This patented, ergonomic pencil grip was designed and tested by pediatric occupational therapists specializing in handwriting. With consistent use, the Grotto Grip® trains the hand to form a proper grasp. Other leading ergonomic pencil grips may feel comfortable but they support the hand at the finger joints encouraging whole arm and hand movements; actually encouraging a static grasp pattern rather than the use of dynamic finger movements. Dynamic finger movements lead to more precision and increased writing speed. The Grotto Grip® actually activates the muscles in the palm of your hand to allow dynamic finger movements. The Grotto Grip® was designed with optimal firmness as recommended by occupational therapists to provide sufficient feedback to the fingers to maintain a proper grasp while writing. Grips that are too soft, lack finger guards or place the fingers too far from the pencil point may reinforce improper grasp habits. The Grotto Grip's® unique design places the hand and fingers in a position which shifts the support to the palm of the hand and facilitates the user to hold the wrist in an extended position; the proper way to hold a writing utensil. For both left & right-handed writers. Non Toxic & Latex Free. Assorted colors. Each pack includes 3 grips. Sold as 3 packs for 9 grips total.

Key Features :

i : The pencil grasp trainer targets and activates the proper muscles for writing
ii : This patented ergonomic grip was designed and tested by an occupational therapist to train the proper grasp, corrects the pencil grip and improves handwriting
iii : The finger guard and unique angles places and hold fingers in the proper position to decrease hand fatigue
iv : Assorted colors