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Grammar & Punctuation Gr 1


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Help your grade 1 students develop the important grammar and punctuation skills they need to be successful writers. Grammar & Punctuation, Grade 1 provides direct instruction and practice on 25 grade-level rules. Provide your students with the grammar and punctuation practice they need to perform successfully on classroom assignments, in the real world, and on state tests! 25 grammar and punctuation rules are supported by reproducible practice pages to help students develop important language skills. Interactive and reproducible activities motivate students as they practice grammar and punctuation skills such as: • recognizing sentences • telling and asking sentences • capitalizing proper nouns • nouns (words that name) • verbs (action words) • pronouns (words that take the place of a name) • contractions • compound words • using I, me, we, us, they, and them correctly • adding s and es • using is and are correctly • possessives • adding ed • irregular verbs This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.

Key Features :

Teach grammar and punctuation skills sequentially with Grammar and Punctuation seriesEach book includes: 25 rule charts followed by three activity sheets for practicing the rule, and a dual-platform CD-ROMGrade 1120 pages