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Giant Alphabet

Junior Learning

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Giant Alphabet is an engaging and creative magnetic resource that is a perfect for teaching children letter recognition, alphabet sequencing and building basic CVC words. Giant Alphabet is a perfect introductory resource for toddlers learning the alphabet as the large sized letters can easily be handled by small fingers and can help develop motor skills. Giant Alphabet can also be used as a fantastic classroom aid. The large sized letters are ideal for placing on teacher's whiteboards for whole classes to look, learn and complete activities together. Contains 26 magnetic letters. Ages 3+

Key Features :

Large letters are an ideal resource for introducing toddlers to the alphabet and developing their motor skills.Large letters ideal for using and displaying in the classroom for group activitiesContains 26 letters which are color-coded, consonants in blue and vowels in red.Letters are magnetic and can be used on any magnetic surface.Ideal for guided learning and independent study.