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Gears Sprockets & Chains Classroom Module

Building Creative Kids

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Brackitz Gears, Sprockets & Chains module is an add-on educational construction kit to the Brackitz Structures module (sold separately). Students learn to design and build with gears gaining a hands-on understanding of the principles of motion and work. This kit is designed specifically for the classroom supporting up 4-6 students at one time. Includes 25+ free online lessons and activities for grades PreK-6. A reusable storage bin keeps all the pieces together and organized.

Key Features :

Brackitz award-winning, open-ended building toys are unique in their ability to connect anywhere, at any angle, enabling kids to engineer anything they can imagine. The Gears, Sprockets & Chains Educational Module gives students the ability to build simple machines in conjunction with the Brackitz Structures Set (sold separately).The Gears set comes with 25 free downloadable lesson plans and activities for PreK-6 written by expert educators. Lesson plans include clear learning objectives, vocabulary, literature references and standards alignments (NGSS, ECERS-R). Each lesson has easy set-up instructions including whole class and group activities, challenges, discussion topics and ideas for differentiating instruction.When students learn to design and build with gears, they gain hands-on understanding of the STEM / STEAM principles of motion and work. Each activity is focused on solving real-world challenges using creativity and a problem-based learning approach.These large, durable pieces go together easily and stay together creating unique 3D structures that are extremely sturdy. Great for young students to work with. The Gears, Sprockets & Chains Module is an extension set that requires the Brackitz Structures Set (Item # BZ82120) for building. Comes in a convenient container for hassle-free cleanup and storage.At Brackitz, we care for kid's safety. We independently test your construction toys to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and ensure they're completely free of dangerous chemicals like lead, phthalates, and BPA. Easy to clean with soap and water.