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Fraction Segments

Junior Learning

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Help your child better understand how fractions work with this set of magnetic fraction Segments! Fraction Segments can help teach children fraction concepts such as parts to a whole, equivalents and comparisons. Each fraction is a segment of a circle to visually show how fractions can describe part of a group. Each fraction segment is a different size and is color-coded to represent how different fractions can make up a whole circle. Fraction Segments can be used on any magnetic surface. Contains 78 pieces. Ages 5+

Key Features :

Contains 78 pieces including: whole, half, third, quarter, fifth, sixth, eight, tenth, twelfth.Fraction Segments are color-coded to correspond to their size and be visually engagingFraction Segments are different sizes to correspond to their mathematical sizeFraction Segments are magnetic and can go on any magnetic surface which makes them useful to use for fraction comparison and equivalence.A good resource to use for guided learning and independent study.