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Fitpro Training & Exercise Ball, 42cm, Green

Champion Sports

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Perfect for sculpting your abdominal muscles and building core strength, the Champion Sports 42 cm FitPro Training and Exercise Ball can be used for a wide range of daily exercises and workout routines. This exercise ball is made from high quality Italian resin, providing you with a soft feel against your skin. At 42 cm in diameter, this exercise ball is designed for people under 5' tall. • Use to perform a wide range of balance, core, strength, flexibility, and rehabilitation exercises • Improves, maintains, and strengthens hard-to-reach core muscles • Made from high quality Italian resin materials for a soft feel • Burst resistant for increased durability during exercise routines • Recommended height: under 5' • Size: 42 cm • Color: Green

Key Features :

i : Use these balls to preform a wide range of exercises.
ii : Use for balance training
iii : Use for Core exercises
iv : Use for Strength training
v : Use for rehabilitation
vi : Use for flexibility exercises