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Fifth Gear

Talicor Inc

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Roll your dice and Place you Gears! The rules are simple: interlock five of your color gears with the white gear and keep others from doing the same. Players roll 2 twelve-sided dice on their turn to determine their gear placement and get the option to: place 2 gears on each number rolled OR place 1 gear on the sum of the roll. But here comes the monkey wrench, players can bump opponents off peg(s) that match their roll and replace it with their own. The family and educational fun factor: No two games are ever the same! The unique game board allows players to randomly place number tokens at the start of each game which results in fun new challenges and endless playability. Game Night will never get old! For 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. 20+ minutes.

Key Features :

Roll your dice and Place you Gears!Get 5 of your color gears interlocked with the white gear to win.Multiple ways to play2-4 Players