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Fidget Flexers, Purple-Yellow

Lux Blox™

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With amazing motion, a satisfying "click" sound, and 3 mesmerizing color options to choose from, FIDGET FLEXERS keep kids focused and flex their minds as they contemplate their next LUX build. Fidget Flexers are the perfect intro to LUX BLOX. By adding more LUX pieces, you can keep building Fidget Flexers bigger and bigger! Watch the video above to see Fidget Flexers in motion. This kit includes 30 pieces of LUX BLOX. LUX is a Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner, was named "2018 Top Toy" by Autism Live and is used by many educators for teaching STEAM in classrooms

Key Features :

i : Our one-of-a-kind patented pieces with a hinge allows you to build structures that move, bend, and fold
ii : Fidget Flexers are the perfect intro to LUX BLOX
iii : Certified by
iv : Learn about engineering principles through fun building experiences
v : Hours of engaging play