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Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart


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Provides a safe way for children to share how they're feeling with their teacher. When they arrive at school, they grab their customized craft stick and place it under 1 of the categories that the teacher has provided for the day. Flipping over the craft stick so their name doesn't show provides a more private experience. Includes 1 Pocket Chart, 17 Feelings Cards, 5 Write 'n' Wipe Cards, 5 Organization Cards, 30 People Craft Sticks and 1 Getting Started Guide.

Key Features :

i : PRESCHOOL TEACHER SUPPLIES: Each Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart comes equipped with 17 feelings cards, 5 organization cards, 5 Write 'n' Wipe Cards, 1 getting started guide and 30 people craft sticks. A definite teacher must have when teaching kids about their feelings and emotions in the classroom, home or daycare.ii : SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING ACTIVITIES: Since each pocket chart has 30 people-shaped craft sticks, each student can put their person in the pocket under the emotion they're feeling today. An anger management toy classroom essential for kids who have a hard time expressing their emotions.iii : CALM DOWN CORNER: Our feelings chart allow kids to privately share their emotions. Since the opposite sides of each person craft sticks are blank, students feel safe knowing they can confidentially share their emotions with the teachers.iv : ANXIETY RELIEF FOR KIDS: Learning how to be mindful and dealing with anxiety is a crucial part of your child development.v : MINDFULNESS FOR KIDS: Learning at home or homeschool learning is new for a lot of kids this year. To help them cope with the added stress, our express your feelings pocket chart can help communicate their feelings.