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Ergonomic Pen, Black Ink, 3 Per Pack, 3 Packs


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The original PenAgain features an ergonomic wishbone-shaped body with a finger cradle that will take your writing straight into the comfort zone. The dynamic "tripod" design encourages a proper writing position that will keep hand fatigue and writer's cramp at bay. Whether you are left or right handed, this pen will work for you for everything from writing a check to penning your next novel. Particularly good for young students, innovative PenAgain enables focus on content rather than pen grip or writing speed, which means neater writing and better grades. For total convenience, PenAgain is both retractable and refillable and has an all-purpose clip. Helpful for Arthritis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome patients. Black Ink, medium/1.0mm. Each pack includes 3 pens in assorted colors (blue, red, neon green). Sold as 3 packs for a total of 9 pens.

Key Features :

i : Helps improve writing ease and distribute the pressure on your fingers to reduce pain
ii : Can be used by left or right hand people
iii : Tension free writing with "No Grip" design
iv : Black Ink, medium/1.0mm
v : 3 per pack, sold as 3 packs, 9 pens total