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Ergo-Sof Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Blue, Black Ink, Pack of 6


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PenAgain Ergosof pen will make writing a joy. The wishbone shape design encourages the time-tested " tripod" finger grip. This grasp is not only comfortable but is also more ergonomic. Whether you are right or left handed, the Ergosof pen will prevent sore fingers and tired wrists. The dynamic tripod pen hold has been shown to help children focus on the content of their writing rather than having to worry about their control of the pen or their speed of writing. Now they can express themselves through writing with ease. The pen is retractable so you won't have to worry about leaks. It has easy to replace refills so that you're never short of ink. This pen's electric blue case makes it stand out above the rest. Helpful for Arthritis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome patients. Retractable and refillable. Each pen comes with two bonus refills. Black Ink, medium/1.0mm. Sold as a pack of 6 pens.

Key Features :

i : Ergonomic design allows the natural weight of your hand to apply writing pressure, so there’s no need to grip tightly
ii : Rubber coating is comfortable to hold
iii : Works for "Righties" and "Lefties"