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Emotion Stones, Pack of 12

Yellow Door

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Recognizing facial expressions and understanding emotions helps children to communicate their feelings and empathize with others. This beautifully crafted set of tactile stones is engraved with faces showing 12 common emotions: happy, sad, angry, frightened, worried, surprised, confused, bored, calm, proud, shy and embarrassed. Cast from a unique mix of resin and real stone, the set is durable enough for use in sand and water, indoors and outside, providing plenty of opportunity to explore emotions across different environments. Each set includes 12 pebbles (measuring 1.75" approximately), plus a helpful leaflet of related activities.

Key Features :

i : Tactile and appealing stones dealing with key emotions
ii : Covers happy, sad, angry, frightened, worried, surprised, shy and embarrassed
iii : Cast from a durable mix including real stone
iv : Includes handy teacher guide