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Elections Poster


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The How We Elect The President poster is educational, colorful and full of information for students! The poster is 34" x 22" and printed on sturdy, glossy card stock. The poster is durable and can stand up to all kinds of abuse. Decorate your walls, doors, and bulletin boards. Perfect for school, home or office. In Section 1 - Many People Want to be Presidents describes the candidates, requirements and the political parties. In Section 2 - Winning the Ticket discusses the candidates campaign, the state primaries & caucuses and the National Convention. Section 3 - The Presidential Campaign tells some of the events that happen while on the campaign trail. Section 4 - The General Election talks about the Electoral College and who, where, and when of how Americans vote. Section 5 - The Electoral College describes how the Electoral College works and the number of electoral vote it takes to win the presidential election. Section 6 - Inauguration describes what happens at the inauguration and the date of the inauguration. The How We Elect the President poster is printed in the U.S.A.

Key Features :

Teachers will find this poster to be an easy segue to student discussion and activities regarding elections, public policy & political campaignsColorful classroom poster full of information about our electoral processStudents follow the complicated electoral process with humorous prompts, political terminology and interesting challengesOversize 22 x 34 poster