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Edison Educational Robot Kit 2-Pack


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For kids, robots are the stuff of the future and science fiction, they are drawn to them. Unlike memorizing textbooks and regurgitating information, kids are instantly engaged and actually want to learn and experiment with robots. And best of all, they're not just learning about robotics, they are learning engineering, math, programming and general science concepts such as sensors. Edison Robot is the result of a genuine passion for innovation and a vision to make electronics, engineering, robotics and programming accessible to as many people as possible. These LEGO® compatible educational robots are clean, safe, reusable, expandable and robust, providing students across all grade levels, from ages 5+, with a range of combinations, and possibilities. Along Edison's face are Lego-compatible plates that allow the Edison robots to be scaled up into sophisticated creations, or even combined and doubled up for a more complicated system. Each Edison robot features a host of sensors and can be programmed using a growing number of FREE software applications: •EdWare – graphic robot programming software for the Edison Robot, using drag and drop graphical icons (similar to Scratch and other graphical drag-and-drop programming languages) - making programming fun and easy to learn! Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOs (iPad), Android and Chrome •EdPy – the easy to learn, high readability and very popular Python programming language. EdPy teaches a real life programming language and makes text-based programming fun and easy! Each programmable Edison robot interacts with the world via infra-red (IR) transmitters and receivers, line tracking, barcode reading, playing sounds and music, plus sound detection. It's also equipped with two motors with variable speeds, left and right red LED lights and three control buttons. One Edison can communicate with another over IR, with the units also able to be programmed by and controlled with TV and DVD remotes. Each bot is powered by a set of AAA batteries. These LEGO® compatible robots are designed to provide learners with an opportunity to experiment and grow their knowledge, explore their imagination, cultivate their innovativeness and have fun without expensive tools and excessive investment. •Programmable – Free open source graphical or text based programming software. •LEGO® compatible – Modular and easily expandable •Easy to use – With many pre-programmed functions activated by included barcode cards. •Remote control – Learns commands from TV/DVD remote controls •Suitable for all ages – From K-12 Grades. •Built to last – rugged and tough, can withstand a car driving over it and still function! •Simple download from any device with EdComm cable. •10 FREE Educational robotics lesson plans.

Key Features :

i : Introducing STEM early plays a key role in cognitive development and capabilities in these subjects later in life.
ii : Teaches kids engineering, math, programming and general science concepts such as sensors.
iii : Kids are instantly engaged and actually want to learn and experiment with robots.
iv : Left and right light sensors – Follow a torch/flash light or find a dark corner.
v : Clap detector – Sense load sounds such as claps to control driving.
vi : Line tracking sensor – follow lines and stay within borders