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Eco Magnetic Polydron Class Set


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This is a great way to introduce children to building their first 2D and 3D shapes with magnetic pieces. The pieces are made from 30% eco material (wheat straw) which is much more environmentally friendly. They are supplied in 4 subtle colors with a neutral one on the reverse side. This color coding will help children to understand the concept of magnetic polarity. Designed for whole class use, this 72-piece set contains 36 equilateral triangles and 36 squares. The pieces are compatible with all existing Magnetic Polydron sets. Building guide included. Age: 3+.

Key Features :

Contains 36 eco magnetic equilateral triangles and 36 eco magnetic squares in 4 speckled and subtle colors.The pieces are made from 30% eco material (wheat straw) and are BPA free!A5 double sided model guide for play inspiration includedThe pieces join together with a simple magnetic snap! Take apart and re-assemble with ease to create wonderful eco-magnetic models.