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University Games

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Think you can stack dice on your face? Will you dominate in arm wrestling? How about obscure facts? With a mixture of dice games, physical challenges, artistic creations, and trivia questions that will exercise both sides of your brain, you'll see why DICEcapades isn't just the luck of the dice - it's the smarts of the roller! This tabletop game will provide hours of fun with your friends and family. Customize the length of the game to fit your time frame - whether you want to play a marathon session or a quick game, the rules are adaptable to fit what YOU want! For 2-6 players ages 12 and up. Contents: 50 AWESOME dice, 75 Thinkingtown cards, 75 Actionland cards, 50 Triviaville cards, sand timer, and EASY-TO-FOLLOW Rules.

Key Features :

Challenge your brain, body and creativity with TONS of dice!Customize the game to fit your time frame.Travel around the game board and the first player to reach the end and complete the "Final Challenge" wins.Ages 12 and up