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Demonstration Dry Erase-Chalkboard Compass, 45cm, Pack of 2

Learning Advantage™

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Draws circles over 50" in diameter for whiteboard or chalkboard demonstration. Constructed of quality plastic. Includes adjustable attachment for use with chalk or markers and attachments for various mounting possibilities such as suction cup, rubber tip, and steel tip. Legs measure 17" long. Rubber pad in joint helps lock the compass legs in place. Pack of 2 compasses.

Key Features :

i : This oversized compass is perfect for teaching a class when using a whiteboard or chalkboard. It includes a suction cup and rubber foot which will help position the compass while drawing to ensure accuracy.
ii : Legs measure 17 inches long and can hold markers or chalk with ease.
iii : The compass is made from durable plastic which allows it to handle numerous drops and years of use in the class setting.
iv : The rubber pad within the joint helps to lock the compass in place to ensure accuracy while drawing.