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Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue Squares, 25 Assorted Colors, 1-1-2" x 1-1-2", 2500 Squares


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You can paint with Spectra® Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue! Wet with a brush and wash beautiful, translucent color onto the paper. Overlap two colors and watch them blend. Or, add glue to the water to hold specific shapes in place and create magnificent, multi-layered effects. The Bleeding Tissue Squares are available in 25 assorted colors, including Cerise, National Blue, Chinese Red, Blush Pink, French Blue, Spring Green, Dark Pink, Scarlet, Magenta, Sky Blue, Leaf Green, Canary, National Red, Orchid, Azure Blue, Seal Brown, Goldenrod, Purple, Emerald Green, Black, Orange, Baby Pink, Medium Blue, Apple Green and White. This high-quality tissue can withstand cutting, crinkling and folding without tearing. The expansive variety of colors in this convenient pre-cut format aligns very well to the consumer’s and teacher’s desire for convenient, time-saving solutions!

Key Features :

i : Size: 1.5" x 1.5" squares
ii : Assorted 25 colors
iii : Convenient pre-cut squares allows for more crafting time with no scissors needed!
iv : Recyclable