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Deluxe Attribute Blocks - Set of 60

Edx Education®

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A wonderful manipulative to aid in classification, congruent vs. similar, fractions, proportions, comparing, patterning and more. The 60 piece set includes 5 shapes in 3 colors and 2 sizes with two degrees of thickness. Compartmentalized plastic storage box with lid that functions as a sorter. Sides are 1.5" - 3"L.

Key Features :

i : Children can be introduced to logic, classifying and problem solving with these primary-colored geometric shapes in red, blue and yellow.
ii : The pieces vary in color, shape, size and thickness which give children many opportunities to sort and classify the shapes.
iii : There are 60 pieces in total, making this an ideal classroom resource.
iv : The shapes come packaged in a compartmentalized storage tray with sorter lid.
v : Sides are 1.5" - 3"L.