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Cooperative Learning & Algebra Secondary Activities

Kagan Publishing

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Algebra 2 just got engaging! Based on the same successful formula as her other popular high school math books, Becky now offers you Algebra 2 set to Kagan's full engagement structures. Your students will have fun, yes fun, as they practice math skills using RallyCoach, Sage-N-Scribe, Quiz-Quiz-Trade, and other interactive structures. More interaction means more learning for everyone. This book is not just a collection of activities. It's a full Algebra 2 curriculum with lessons and activities and projectable pages. Chapters cover: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions, Rational Expressions and Functions, Radical Expressions and Functions, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Piecewise and Absolute Functions, Trigonometry, and Sequences and Series.

Key Features :

The modeling of functions is intertwined throughout each chapterThe book is divided into nine chapters, and each chapter is divideNearly 200 step-by-step activities and ready-to-use blackline masters9 chapters covering essential Algebra 2 conceptsAligned with Common Core State Standards464 pages