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Connecting Geostix

Learning Advantage

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Connecting GeoStix™ allow students to delve into plane geometry. Great for hands-on activities such as perimeter, area, identification of shapes, spatial reasoning, similar triangles that share a side, parallel lines cut by a transversal, show examples of angle bisectors that form perpendicular angles to opposite sides and more. 82 piece set includes 2 protractors and GeoStix in 8 different lengths (1" to 6") and 24 double-sided activity cards.

Key Features :

LEARN AND CONSTRUCT SHAPES -- An ideal hands-on math manipulative for the exploration of 2D geometry.INTRODUCE ANGLE MEASUREMENT -- Kids will learn how to measure angles and construct more complex shapes with the 2 protractors included.A UNIQUE WAY TO LEARN -- Our GeoStix have multiple points of connection along each piece. This creates unlimited possibilities for shape combinations and greater satisfaction for children!COLORS HELP KIDS LEARN -- Hand me the purple stick please! The 8 different lengths are color-coded and also feature length measurements.ENCOURAGE LEARNING SKILLS -- Use the included activity cards to help guide children to develop concentration skills, attention to detail and the following of instructions.