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Connecting Cuisenaire Rods Small Group Set

Learning Resources

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Get students connected to math with this new manipulative! These plastic rods connect together while providing the same teaching and learning benefits of the original Cuisenaire® Rods sets. Rods are marked in 1 cm increments on one side to help students master math concepts quickly. Hands-on math learning just got easier. These durable plastic connecting rods snap together and feature unit lines in 1 cm increments on one side of the rods. Contains 155 rods and activity guide all packed in convenient storage tub. Enough for 4-6 Students

Key Features :

Help students make connections in math with these colorful, engaging manipulativesGreat for improving CCSS skills such as counting and cardinality, algebraic thinking, base ten and moreA total of 155 rods to assist students in transitioning from concrete to abstract representation of math concepts