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Comfy Peapod, Inflatable Sensory Pod , 80", Blue


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Comfy Hugging Peapod's soothing deep pressure offers a caressing hug, enabling a calming sense of security. Just a few minutes in the Comfy Peapod relaxes, quiets and calms down most users. Perfect for those who are fidgety and can't sit still to read, study, or just relax. Includes electric air pump.

Key Features :

i : Focus is increased by the soft embrace of the peapod relieving anxiety and stress
ii : Comes with an electric pump and repair kit
iii : Soft like velvet and strong and durable for endless kids play
iv : 3 Inflatable compartments enable kids to rock side to side providing an outlet for excess energy
v : Fits 2-3 kids or 1 adult