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Colossal Barrel of Crafts®, Assorted Colors & Sizes, 1 Kit

Creativity Street®

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The Colossal Barrel of Crafts includes a tremendous assortment of popular craft items in a durable, reusable storage container. Includes Feathers, Pom Pons, Chenille Stems, Wiggle Eyes, Buttons, Dough Cutters, Modeling Clay, Glitter Poms, Jumbo Craft Sticks, WonderFoam® Shapes and Sheets, Sequins & Spangles, Pony Beads, Rainbow Cord and Glitter Glue Pens. Get ready for some COLOSSAL fun with clay!

Key Features :

i : Wide assortment of popular craft items
ii : Everything you need to make a true work of art!
iii : Comes in a reusable storage container