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Color Mixing Glasses

Learning Resources

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Color Mixing Glasses Observe the world while learning about color. Unique child-size glasses feature easy-to-change lenses—2 each of red, yellow, blue and distortion lenses. Combine up to 2 lenses per side to teach color mixing (secondary colors). Overlap lenses without their durable plastic frames for kaleidoscope fun! Single lenses teach primary color identification or serve as great early science tools for observation. Wipes clean and includes color-mixing Guide. Grades PreK+

Key Features :

Durable plastic glasses are sized just right for children, and wipe clean with a damp clothFeatures 8 easy-to-change lenses—2 each of red, yellow and blue and distortion lenses that let you see the world like a bugTeaches primary colors as well as mixing to make secondary colors by combining up to 2 lenses per side