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Careers Curriculum Job Tracks: 60* Great Careers...and How to Get From Where You Where you Want to Go!


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Learn more about "what's out there" in terms of real careers! What are you interested in? Where is your passion? Where do you see yourself after high school what career do you think you'd like to pursue what will it take to get into a field that fascinates you there are exciting, in-demand careers out there right now that you may not even know about! Georgia Job Tracks details sixty real career tracks available right here in Georgia and across the nation. These are careers that students need to know about, jobs for today and advice for tomorrow with timely information about a variety of exciting ways to "make a difference in the world, or at least a decent living!" Georgia Job Tracks is part of the highly-acclaimed Georgia Careers Curriculum series, a line of educational materials designed to prepare students for the "real world" of work, starting in middle school, high school and beyond. The Georgia Careers Curriculum is an essential resource for teenagers and young adults, both in and out of school. Entertaining and charming to read!

Key Features :

i : This book is filled with unique and effective approaches for helping students find their career pathway
ii : This book allows young people hear first-hand from a person with the job: how they got it, what they do, what were the education and skills required, and "what I would have done differently
iii : 132 pages
iv : Must-have resources for any 21st Century educator, parent or student