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Brainbolt™ Genius

Educational Insights

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Supercharge your memory with the Genius version of our best-selling, light-up memory game, BrainBolt! Watch as up to 21 lights flash at random, then challenge your brain to repeat the patterns without missing a beat. Five new genius levels, randomized patterns, and solo or head-to-head modes make this portable hand-held brain bender the perfect way to play – at home or on the go! Plus, playing improves memory and cognitive skills, develops hand-eye coordination, and more. It's addictive, puzzle-playing fun for players ages 7 to 107!

Key Features :

i : TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: Challenge your brain with this mind-bending, brain-boosting memory game from Educational Insights
ii : TEST YOUR SKILLS: In solo mode or play head-to-head with a friend in two-player mode to see who can remember the longest sequence
iii : FUN ON THE GO: Take this portable, hand-held game with you for fun on the go. Perfect for planes, trains, and road trips as well as restaurants, waiting rooms, and more
iv : INCLUDES: Handheld electronic game with 21 light buttons, three AAA batteries pre-installed, solo and two-player modes, and five levels of difficulty
v : HOW TO PLAY: Watch the sequence of lights, the press the matching buttons to repeat the sequence. Repeat the sequence perfectly to win the round