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Big Tab™ Insertable Dividers, Buff Paper, 5-Tab Set, Multicolor, 12 Sets


Regular price $19.99

With Big Tab Insertable Dividers you get 1.5 times more printing space on the tab inserts, so you can use larger fonts or more lines of text. A unique tab design keeps your inserts from falling out with the help of a secure indent point at the base of the tabs. Thanks to gold-reinforced holes that provide extra tear resistance, these dividers stand up to everyday use. Each set includes 5 dividers. Sold as a pack of 12 sets.

Key Features :

i : Sturdy dividers that offer more printing space and secure inserts
ii : Unique tab design allows easy access and prevents inserts from falling out
iii : Big Tab design provides 1.5 times more writing space
iv : Double-sided gold reinforced holes provide extra durability