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Colors & Shapes (EN-SP) Bulletin Board Set


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Match, group, and stack cheerful animals, shapes, and colors! Labels in English and Spanish. 9 colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, black, white & brown; and 6 shapes in 3 sizes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval & rhombus. 57 pieces, up to 10" tall. Includes Discovery Guides in English and Spanish with creative activities that teach and delight!

Key Features :

i : Early learners love our smiling, friendly animals; teachers appreciate the clearly defined colors.
ii : 18 shapes, with word cards in English and Spanish, with 9 playful animals.
iii : Supports common early-childhood language arts standards; great for ELL students.
iv : Extra Value: Discovery Guide included with creative activities that teach and delight!