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Arts & Crafts Brushes, 5 Per Set, 6 Sets


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This set of paintbrushes is all you need to paint a variety of strokes. From wide brush strokes to small detail work, these brushes with color-coded handles have you covered. The quality soft-tip bristles on these brushes clean easily, so they'll last a long time. Use them over and over again and they will still feel as good as new. Small in size, these brushes are perfect for your child's art kit or pencil-box. Never be caught without your brushes again. Each set includes 5 Crayola Arts and Craft Brushes with various brush shapes. Sold as 6 sets for a total of 30 brushes.

Key Features :

i : Multiple shapes and sizes for different techniques and results
ii : Colored handles with coordinating colored ferrules
iii : Contemporary design adds fun and consumer appeal
iv : Soft bristles clean easily so you can re-use again and again!
v : 5 per set, sold as 6 sets, 30 brushes total