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American Milestones The 13 Colonies


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A like but different, bound together by common experience but made individual by geography - the original Thirteen Colonies formed the foundation of the United States of America! From Massachusetts to Georgia, the colonists learned to survive and then flourish in an unknown land full of obstacles and the unexpected. How did they muster the courage, the ingenuity, and the will to persevere? Learn just what it took in this book: • The Founding Fathers • American Flag-13 Stars and 13 stripes • How the Colonies • Formed • It's Not Easy to Break Away from the Mother Country • Meeting the Native Americans • Hands-on Activities • Reproducible Activities • Glossary • Fascinating Facts • Timeline • And Lots More! The compelling story of America's original Thirteen Colonies is a meaningful one for all students who seek to understand how what we learn from history can help us in our own quests. The true high drama of emotions... the deprivations... the determination... and the "going the distance" in spite of setbacks has lessons for all ages, ethnicities, and genders. Read along, and be inspired! "If they did it, surely I can too!"

Key Features :

Reproducible resource providing a broad look at early AmericaOutlines differences as well as similar motivations throughout the many colonial regionsHelps students grasp the struggles of early AmericansFun to compare experiences from various colonies