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Alphabet Stones

Junior Learning

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Make learning the letters fun with Alphabet Stones a nature themed sensory floor sticker. Contains the 26 letters of the alphabet. They can be used it as an educational material where you can play the "letter stomp" game where the teacher calls out the letter or the letter sound and the students look for the right answer and "stomp" it. Another activity is singing the alphabet song as they hop from stone to stone. Creates an exciting decoration for the room. Includes 26 multisensory floor stickers. Stickers measure approximately 8.25" x 11.4".

Key Features :

Teaches the alphabet A-ZA sensory floor decal that is fun and encourages multisensory learningHelps the students be active as well as improve literacy skillsCan be used as decorationThe measurement varies per stone, the general measurement is 8.25" x 11.4"