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Pencils, No. 2.5 Medium Yellow, Unsharpened, 12 Per Box, 6 Boxes


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The oriole pencil is a high quality pencil that provides quality writing at an affordable price. Great for use in the classroom, home or office. These pencils are bonded for break resistant writing, and include a long lasting latex-free eraser. Each box includes 12 #2.5 medium pencils. Sold as 6 boxes for a total of 72 pencils.

Key Features :

i : Yellow #2.5 medium pencils
ii : Long lasting latex-free eraser
iii : Quality graphic core for smooth application
iv : Made from fine quality woods from sustained yield forests
v : PMA Certified non-Toxic
vi : 12 per box, sold as 6 boxes, 72 pencils total