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5-Minute Science: Grades 4-6

Scholastic Teacher Resources

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This collection of 50 quick, mind-blowing experiments will have students clamoring for more! Bend water, use soap to propel a boat, pierce a potato with a drinking straw, make two books stick without glue, and more. Use these learning-rich activities to introduce a new topic, review a science concept, or bring a lesson to an exciting conclusion. Each activity requires only a few easy-to-find materials and includes background information, discussion questions, and correlations to the NGSS.

Key Features :

i : Mind-blowing and fun, this collection of quick hands-on activities motivates students to learn more about science!
ii : Packed with science “wow” moments that keep students asking for more!
iii : Instant, learning-rich science activities for any time of the day, perfect for whole-class demonstrations
iv : Correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards