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3pc Burlap Stitched Pocket Chart St Smart Poly

Ashley Productions

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Smart Poly™ material has been designed for use in the classroom and home. The material is strong, durable, water resistant, and does not need lamination. Full color, not just screen-printed. The write-on/wipe-off surface is designed for dry erase and water based markers and washable crayons. Pocket charts have a black sewn border. Display with hooks, Ashley Smart Tak™, pins, tacks, staples, etc. Great for use with Ashley Pocket Chart Scheduling Card Inserts. Glossy surface, .45mm. This Pocket Chart Set includes: Burlap Stitched Pocket Chart 18" x 24" with 7 Pockets and 2 Grommets (94100), Burlap Stitched Pocket Chart 13"x25" with 10 Pockets and 2 Grommets (94101), and 12 Burlap Stitched Pocket Chart Scheduling Card Inserts, 2" x 12" (94800). Scheduling cards feature a sentence strip on reverse for 24 total surfaces to use.

Key Features :

Durable, all poly material, no paper, heavyweightWrite-on/wipe-off surface, use with dry erase or water based markers and washable crayonsIncludes 2 pocket charts (18" x 24" and 13" x 25") and 12 scheduling card inserts (2" x 12")Scheduling cards feature sentence strip on the backUse with Ashley Smart Tak™, pins, tacks, staples, etc. to hang pocket charts