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Patchwork FF 4" Friendly Combo Ready Letters®, 3 Packs


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Lively letters, limitless possibilities! Convenient, reusable, and easy to use. Great for student work displays, bulletin boards, signs, banners, news boards, learning activities, labeling, and much more! Fade-resistant colors coordinate with TREND products. Durable. Each pack includes 50 uppercase letters, 82 lowercase letters, 21 numerals 0-9, 44 punctuation marks, and 28 Spanish accent marks in assorted colors and patterns. Sold as 3 packs. Coordinates with Furry Friends Collection.

Key Features :

i : Convenient punch-out letters great for displays, signage, learning activities, labeling, and more!
ii : Contemporary font easy to read from a distance. Use in classrooms, shops, offices, meeting spaces.
iii : Fade-resistant colors coordinate with TREND products. Durable and reusable.
iv : Each pack includes 50 uppercase, 82 lowercase letters, 21 numerals, 44 punctuation marks, 28 Spanish accent marks.
v : Sold as 3 packs.